About her

I like to think that I was born with my love of all things vintage.  My paternal grandparents had a booth at an antique mall for my entire childhood and would go on grand adventures collecting trinkets – sometimes I was lucky enough to get to tag along during summer vacation. I find such joy and excitement in digging through the past at an estate sale or auction or junkin’ trip… my attempt to fill my grandparents’ shoes.  Plus unwrapping our finds and displaying them in the store is like Christmas morning!  My mom affectionately calls this treasure hunting.  And it’s true, these are all treasures of the past waiting to be rediscovered. 

I’m often asked if I am drawn to a particular style or era and I’m really not, I love all varieties of vintage pieces from Pyrex dishes to mid-century modern barware to a 50s floral sofa to chippy old milk cans and everything in between.  If it has a story or a history, it usually finds its way into my car.  My hope is that you find something in our store to give it a story all your own.  Happy hunting!

We don’t mind that it’s chippy and old. We don’t care if it’s faded, rusty or worn. We love the story behind it, the history within it and the patina on it.
— Unknown